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Interest Rate

Saving Deposits (बचत निक्षेप):

There are several saving deposit schemes. For deposit accounts, the interest rate is upto 4.55 percent per year. For Excel Remit Khata, the interest rate is 5.55% per year. Nepalese citizens who have been working/living abroad, his/her wife, husband and other family members are eligible to avail this product.

Fixed Deposits (मुद्दति निक्षेप):

There are several fixed deposit schemes. For fixed deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 6.50 percent per year. Interest rate @ 5.50% p.a. shall be provided for Excel Corporate Premium Fixed Deposit. For Excel Remit FD, interest rate upto 5.50 percent is provided.

Recurring Deposits (क्रमिक बचत निक्षेप):

For recurring deposit accounts, the interest rate is up to 7.00 percent per year.

Loan Schemes (कर्जा योजना):

The loan is provided for almost all fields. For loan accounts, the maximum interest rate is up to +3 percent Premium Rate.

The Average Base Rate of the last Month End (Jestha End 2081)  is 8.96%.

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